Real Life Teddy Bears.

by Destini

I've got my mother obsessed with Teddy Bear Yorkies... They weigh no more than 2-4 lbs and look like a tiny little teddy bears "forever".

I can't help but think this is a total scam... First of all they don't come with their papers, but the "importer" implies that they are of a high pedigree.

Since there is no "Teddy Bear Yorkie" I suspect it is a marketing term to sell a chihuahua x Yorkie... Makes sense really.. Coz if naming conventions go along the lines of a Puggle or a Labradoodle, then a Yorhuahua (sounds like your wah wah) or a Chiorkie (chi orc ee), just doesn't have the right ring, does it?

On top of that, the breeder claims to have imported them from Brazil, but they need a few weeks before they can go to a home due to their age, size, etc. Seriously.. can very young and vulnerable puppies that are too weak to go to a family make a rugged trip from Brazil? I cry BS. She's totally running a puppy mill.

This cutie below is $3500. This is a face I could love.. but for no more than $500.

No matter how much joy the dog would bring my mother.. she will not drop that kinda money on a dog either... So she obsessed.

Foxy, in my mind is perfect.. maybe a tiny bit smaller so I could pick her up for longer.. right now she's more than an armful... and quite chunky as well.. though, she is MUCH cuter when she's a little fat. haha.