Jenny loves me.

by Destini

Jenny loves me this I know, coz this cake, tells me so.

So it was my 31st Birthday, and Jenny knows I love two things.. Hello Kitty and Strawberries... and what does she do? She goes to my etsy page and buys me this ridiculously cool handmade cake stand and then has a friend make me this wicked fondant Hello Kitty Cake, complete with Starburst strawberries. ZOMG totally in love. The bottom cake was a delicious raspberry ginger. Now I'm not much into raspberries. I find them to be the red-headed stepchild of berries, with Strawberry being the adored overachieving first born (Its in everything.. from glee club to waffles), and blueberry being the beloved anti-oxidant baby of the family... but this cake made me speechless.

I ate it for breakfast a few times. The top layer was a delicious chocolate and mint cake, Yum, but overshadowed by the raspberry ginger bottom layer.

Yes it broke my heart to cut it but my tummy was thankful in the end.