Ivy's less glamourous chocolate cake for Don.

by Destini

I made this cake for Don's Birthday. He's a mighty 77! Pretty cool. Just topped it with some stuff I had around the house: Coconut, raspberries, strawberries, sage, . (yes those purple flowers are chives :P)

Ultra Rush Chocolate cake recipe:
1 box of Chocolate Cake, 1 box of pudding, ingredients as per back of box of cake mix, plus half cup of sour cream, half cup of milk, 1 egg.

This is a ridiculously delicious recipe. It makes the cake taste home made, a bit more dense, but still very moist. Don't overbake. Just until the toothpick comes out "reasonably clean" its a moister cake so will probably make the toothpick a little bit dirty.

Ultra rush but AMAZING chocolate whip icing:
1 box instant chocolate pudding + 500 ml of whipping cream = whip until stiff. So good. Soo delicious.

Ice, decorate.. and voila..