Twilight Readalong: Chapter One

by Destini

What we learn:
  • Bella is 17. Dark long hair. Pale translucent skin with no blemishes (bitch).
  • Bella's mother leaves her father a few months after she was born.
  • She's spent the first 14 summers in Forks, so is fairly familiar with the town.
  • Charlie bought her a faded red 1984 Chevy as a welcoming present. It's a sturdy beast but she loves it.
  • Forks High School has 358 students including Bella.
  • Rosalie described as gentle waving blonde hair to the middle of her back with a killer figure.
  • Alice described as short, pixie-like with deep black cropped hair going in all directions. Graceful like a dancer.
  • Emmett is described as being built like a serious weight lifter with dark curly hair.
  • Jasper is described as being taller than Emmette, lean, muscle with honey blonde hair.
  • Edward is described as lanky with untidy bronze colored hair.
A good introduction to the who what where when and how. Setting the scene for the book. As someone who lives in the North West, I was pleased to see the detail paid to describing the environment. Feels like its written from a first hand account.

I was surprised that such a hot piece of meat like Edward was sitting alone in his class given what I know about teenage superficiality. Bella illustrates for the first time that she lacks this self preservation which is prevalent in the book.

What I enjoy most about Stephenie''s writing style is how intimately she draws you into Bella's world. The little details, like Bella's opinion of her parents and her conversation with her contemporaries is particularly good at illustrating this. the tone of voice is self depreciating and morose, fitting for how she feels about having left Arizona.

Not quite convinced that a guy with a distasteful expression would bring me to tears. Bella needs a thicker skin.