Whippet Babies - Deja vu

by Destini

Not sure if I mentioned it.. but Jong and I are getting another whippet… I had planned on getting another eskie, but the way things worked out this is our best chance to get a great whippet from a fantastic breeder/friend in Squamish.

We went up to visit Friday, just to check them out and fell in love with the little red girls. 5 girls, 3 boys, all red sable except for one girl who is blue fawn like her grandma (the breeders dog). They are only 9 days old so don’t do much right now other than crawl around, sleep and eat. Their eyes are not yet open.

These are two different color babies. The blue fawn is the one the breeder is keeping. The red one is one of the many we are interested in. Waiting til they get a bit rambunctious before we find out which one is ours. I'd like a smart one. Jong wants a crazy.