Yoggsaron Stuffie - Handmade

by Destini

After months and months in the depths of madness a guild "joke" manifested. Instigated by the perverse mastermind, Erelena, we had hatched the idea of a communal Yoggsaron Doll we'd pass around - mailing it to each member of the guild who would then be responsible for taking a picture with the doll in their home town before sending it on. (Erelena volunteered to have "sloppy 24ths"! That hussy!)

We've long departed from Ulduar but the desire to create this Yoggsaron doll remained deep seeded in the back of my mind...

This morning I woke with the realization that my guild would be celebrating our 6th anniversary on December 1st. And thus, I decided I would offer the prize of a hand made, one of a kind Yoggsaron Doll.

After being inspired by this post I decided to try my hand at creating my very own YoggSaron Doll.

It began with a simple pattern I created in illustrator. I knew some techniques to round out the ends of the tentacles and sew a larger circle onto a small oner that I could use on the fly... The teeth were to give the general proportion, where I would modify to give an uneven jaggedness by hand.

I think it was a pretty good first iteration. I hand felted his mouth on with some wool roving. This entire project was sewn on a Singer 222k with only a single straight stitch.

My next attempt will be to make something floppier and much cuddlier. Felt makes for a clean product wth lots of flexibility in the colors but I think this guy could look nappier.. I will also do some stitches with embroidery floss. My set is currently at J's house so we're naked today...

Here's a sneak peak at the almost finished product.

The fruits of my labour will be dispensed to poor unsuspecting victims who also happen to be fans of World of Warcraft.