Ivy prefers...

  • tea over coffee
  • ninjas over pirates
  • magic over guns
  • puppies over kittens
  • pie over cake
  • vanilla over chocolate

Ivy lives in Steveston, BC, Canada. She enjoys eating, crafting, bossing people around in World of Warcraft, and talking about inane things with her hubby (Jong/John/J).Her super power is quickly falling asleep in any circumstance regardless of sound, light, or emergency.

Ivy has four dogs: a rescued greyhound from Waco, TX, two squirrel-crazy whippets, and a neurotic Toy American Eskimo

When she is not experimenting with food, she is planning her next social event on Pinterest, texting her mom, or working on handmade fascinators for her Etsy store, Anemone.

Her cooking values:

  • She prefers seasonal, sustainable, local ingredients. This year the Haisells started their first organic heirloom vegetable garden.
  • She uses high quality, fresh ingredients and avoids preserved or commercial food when possible. Ivy has been experimenting with putting up vegi's from the garden or local farms and u-picks. 
  • No holds barred, Ivy will cook the recipe as it is intended to be prepared. Full fat/sugar/gluten. Wonderful food is best eatten in moderation than settling for a shadow of what the recipe should be. Life's too short for fake butter, cheese or people.

Ivy's Favourite Blogs: