Grand Aunt: Moxi of Endeavor

by Destini

MBIS, MSBIS, 2x NSBIS Am Can Ch Brushwood's Moxi of Endeavor
14 US All-Breed Bests in Show
10-Time Specialty-Winner (Tied Record)
2-Time AWC National Specialty Best in Show

"Moxi," the #1 Whippet in the USA for 2006 and 2007, is a three-time National Specialty Winner (2 US, 1 Canadian). She has been called one of the Greatest Whippets of all time by esteemed breeder judges including Bo Bengtson, Espen Engh, Patsy Gilmour.

The progeny from Moxi's first litter (2005) have several champions, while the young ones from her second litter (2007) are pointing handily, on their way to finishing.

Coming out of "retirement" for the 2008 and 2009 AWC Western Specialties, Moxi took SBIS at both, thus retiring the Challenge Trophy, shown by breeder Daniel Lockhart of Saxon Shore, responsible for much of her pedigree. That also takes her to a record 10 Whippet Specialty Bests and plus a Hound Show Best.

Moxi's third and final litter was born January 14, 2009 at pastoral Endeavor Farms in Northern California, the same ranch where Moxi herself was whelped and raised by her breeder and owner Linda Stewart.