Rainmbow Jelly

by Destini

Rainbow Agar Agar from: http://lilyng2000.blogspot.com/2007/10/rainbow-agar-agar.html

It's a refreshing dessert, a perfect finish to an Asian meal, especially after heavy stuff like curry. It's served cold, so it's great for summer too. It is easy to make and oh so impressive to serve.


The Transparent Layer:
2 tbsp agar agar powder
1200 ml water
200 gm castor sugar
Colorings - green is a must and i use pandan paste, it not only gives the green, it fragrants the whole jelly.

The Coconut Milk Layer:
2 tbsp agar agar powder
400 ml concentrated coconut milk
800 ml water
200 gm of castor sugar
1/2 tsp salt

1. Boil above ingredients for the transparent layer except colourings till dissolved. Sieve mixture and return to pot. Leave it on the stove on the lowest heat or doubleboil to keep the mixture warm until the coconut layer is ready for assembling.
2. Boil the agar agar, sugar and water for the coconut layer till dissolved, then add in coconut milk and salt. Sieve mixture and return to pot. Leave it on very low heat .
1. Measure about 250 ml of transparent agar agar and colour it in the colour you like. Leave it to harden slightly(not too hard if not the jelly will not stick together. If too hard, just use a fork to lightly scratch the surface before adding the next layer.)
2. The second layer will be 250 ml of the coconut milk agar agar. Leave to harden slightly
Do the same alternating between the transparent layer and the coconut milk layer until all the agar agar have been used up.
3. Leave the whole jelly to cool down before refrigerating it for at least a few hours.