Baby Whippet Cuteness Overload.

by Destini

After spending days reading the Daily Coyote I’m inspired to try to do the same thing with our new whippet puppy, name to be determined. This woman documented almost every day of the coyote’s life(so far 3 years and running).. and I think I could do something similar except with my iphone. True the photo quality would poor in comparison but it would still catalog the memories. The question is, are you ready for a daily bombardment of whippet baby updates? Let’s give it some thought.


Here are some photos Jenny took of the baby whippets when we visited them a few weeks ago. The puppies were only 2 weeks old at the time. It’s really fantastic to have Jenny involved right at the beginning with these puppies as she missed Minka’s early development during her pilgrimage to Taiwan. The puppy stage is really one of the best stages! So cuddly, soft, and gentle. Mid January people….


John’s notified Minka that in one month she can no longer be a puppy… Time to shape up and be a role model.