Fabric Binging Imminent

by Destini

Tomorrow is the big Fabricana sale and I'm getting my fabric gallery updated so that I wont' buy any dupes when I go there tomorrow. How much fabric are you buying? half a meter seems too little but more than 2 is very expensive... Speak up fabric hounds.

You know what's unfortunate? While my significant other, Jong, is very supportive of my hobby, I still feel I have to hide the amount of money I spend on the fabric. It's my guilty pleasure. I get a bit of a rush when I acquire more beautiful fabric for my collection so later on, I can be creative and make something really cool with it. The pleasure of acquisition is only eclipsed by the pleasure of creation.. soon... this weekend... I will craft again.

A little scared... This event will probably be a zoo. I've been to boxing days and the only thing crazier than a tween beating you down for the 50% off baby phat yoga pant is her momma. If only I had a wing man to get my back. Where are you Ice man?