Meet the Minker

by Destini

Yessir. That's our baby - MINKA. John and I picked her up on Friday and we're looking forward to many big milestones such as baby's first play date, Baby's first trip to the beach, the day she is fully house trained (pleasssee pooh.. pleasseee!), the day she doesn't demand her third of the bed, the day she's not a little terrorist screaming at the top of her lungs to be picked up and of course... Baby's first trip to the dump with Dad. All these critical milestones we'll be documenting on our blogs.

It's been a harrowing couple of days just getting used to having her in our life and slowly... slowly. I think she's getting _us_ trained. How Pauline managed to care for 10 at the same time is beyond me. Unfortunately any efforts to take pictures of her standing up usually result in a BLUR. The dog doesn't sit still.. ever.. :P Our best success so far is when she's sleeping... We'll work on some action shots soon.

Here's a picture of her sleeping. Her favourite spot to sleep is in snuggled into my waist leeching my body heat.

Followed immediately by sleeping on Dad's side under the duvet. It's cute right now, because she's little and clean... We'll see how we feel about it as she gets older.

Here she is romping around the room, tearing up some sh!t and teaching her toys a lesson.

And relaxing with mum on the bed.. again curling into my waist