Stinky and the Brain - Whippet sisters Reunion

by Destini

Pictures of Stinka (Minka) with her sister Palace. You wouldn't believe it, since they are just lil puppies, but taking photos is pretty impossible. Whippets don't stay still when they are just one (thats why all my pictures of her are usually when she's sleeping)! but when two get together its vicious sibling mayhem.

Minka is on the right, and Palace is on the left with the horseshoe markings. I once worried that I'd not be able to tell her apart from other Whippets, but I'm pretty sure now after seeing her with her litter mate and parents that I wouldn't fail this mommy test. After months of sleeping with her.. mornings cuddling, nights watching her sleep, playing 'fetch and then fight-for-the-toy-because-you-haven't-learned-drop-yet'), that I do in fact know her face very well. Palace looks simliar but she lacks that goofy fine boned face that is quintessentially my STINKY girl.

(This face [above] is the one I'm talking about.. she usually makes this face with her little teeth showing much like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons)