Twilight Read-a-long

by Destini

Vampires? What a lame concept! Blood and emo lust... eww! Definitely not my thing. As a professional 30 year old woman, I didn't want anything to do with this ultra lame phenom called "TWILIGHT", especially after reading about those crazy-crazy TwiMoms.

But... my curiousity got to me. I picked up Twilight from the Vancouver Public Library on a lark during one of my weekly trips to restock my reading material.

I expected some deliciously quotable lines to laugh over. What surprised me is that I couldn't put it down... For what had been criticized as teen emo fiction and "terrible writing", I was 110% engaged and fully caught up in the story and the characters.

I literally whipped through all 4 books (and devoured Midnight Sun on Stephenie Meyer's homepage) all in a matter of a week. I remember sighing after the last page of the first book wondering if a guy like Edward could even exist (immortality and bloodlust aside). I was officially a convert.

When I finished the series, I was devastated. It took me 3 months to stop mooning over Jacob. It was like a bad break up. (My boyfriend was terribly patient about this). I reread scenes I adored. For the sanity of everyone around me I cut myself off cold turkey. I couldn't subject 'J' to anymore soap box declarations about why Jacob was clearly a better fit for Bella than milk toast Edward.

Life eventually went back to normal. Since seeing Eclipse, I've decided to slowly read the series again and document the chapters as I go. Please follow along with me, chapter by chapter and provide your thoughts...

Let us begin. Open your books and turn to page 1...